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I am writing this newsletter whilst travelling back from a Group of 8 and Universities Australia delegation to India, as part of the visit by Prime Minister Turnbull and Minister Simon Birmingham. The visit enabled our UNSW team to consolidate existing academic links and to build many new friendships and collaborations. The scale, energy and pace of change in India is impressive and exciting, with a rapidly expanding higher education sector and growing strength in advanced technologies such as computing, medical and space sciences, combined with an economy growing at 7% per annum. I was left in no doubt about the potential for UNSW to contribute to both education and research in partnership with colleagues and institutions in India.Read more

In this interview with Times Higher Education, Professor Jacobs foresees a world where some universities could welcome as many as one-million students to their campus in a typical year, with hundreds of thousands of older learners taking courses lasting just one or two weeks.Read more