Staff Voice Survey

Dear colleagues

Today I am launching the UNSW Staff Voice Survey, which will give you the opportunity to have your voice heard on your experience of the culture and values of the University over recent years, how well it is performing, the University leadership and your working environment.

This survey is complementary to the consultation process for our 2015- 2025 Strategic Plan. The UNSW Staff Voice Survey is a backward look at how things have been since the last similar survey in 2012 whilst the 2015-25 Strategic consultation seeks your ideas about the future direction of the University.

The survey, which will also help inform the strategic planning process, has been developed with the Voice Project, an external company that assisted the University with the Aspiration Survey conducted in 2012. The company has worked with most other Australian (and some overseas) universities and therefore has an established body of data available for comparison purposes. You will hear from the Voice Project by email later today, providing further details and a link to the survey. In the meantime I’d ask you to have a look at this brief video, which explains why it is important and what it hopes to achieve.

Best wishes, Ian

Ps. You can contribute to the 2015-25 strategic consultation until March 31st via this link: